10 Apr 2008

Group of villagers in Fiji rebuild their ancient village discovered in 2006

10:20 am on 10 April 2008

A group of villagers in Fiji are rebuilding their ancient village discovered in 2006 in the hope of attracting tourists.

About 80 people in the village of Kuku in Bau are working on the project which they expect to complete by July and open as an eco-tourism project.

The village headman, Tikiko Raviakara, told the Fiji Times the restored village would be a major tourist attraction.

The village site, called Molituva during tribal days, was not known to descendants of those who lived there until the archaelogical team uncovered it.

The Tourism Ministry official, Kasimiro Taukeinikoro, said the unique thing about the project was that the old village site was surrounded by a ditch.

He said it's unique in Molituva because that site is untouched.