11 Apr 2008

Fiji People's Charter debate hears of woes if regime plan is dropped

3:54 pm on 11 April 2008

A public debate in Fiji on the People's Charter has heard that Fiji's political system will never be able to resolve the country's problems without a charter.

The debate, organised by the media council, involved several members of the People's Council for Building a Better Fiji, and lawyers and an economist.

Our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, says the team arguing for the charter suggested that unemployment, and the country's economic problems could be resolved by the charter.

She says the other side argued there's no legal mandate for a charter.

"The argued that to be pro-charter, is basically a choice for violence, that the people running the government right now and all those who support the processes under it, specifically the charter, they have gotten to this position through the barrel of a gun. Obviously they argued that a charter already exists, and that is the 1997 constitution."

Matelita Ragogo