14 Apr 2008

Fiji's People's Charter to replace political party manifestos

5:33 am on 14 April 2008

There are further indications in Fiji that the interim regime might consider abrogating the constitution.

The co-chair of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji and head of the Catholic Church , Archbishop Petero Mataca, has confirmed that the People's Charter, now being developed, will replace political party manifestos.

The charter is being developed by the Council as the way forward for Fiji.

In a television interview last night, the Archbishop said making party manifestos redundant will ensure the implementation of the charter by the incoming government.

He made it clear the interim regime is adamant it will make the charter a legally-binding document before the general elections.

The Council is now considering options for a legal framework for the charter.

One is making the charter a part of the Constitution.

To do this without a Parliament would require the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution.

Another option that was reportedly endorsed by one of the authors of the 1997 Constitution Sir Paul Reeves is dialogue between a group of political party representatives and the council.

The chairperson is John Sami, a New Zealand consultant, who is to produce a charter by October