15 Apr 2008

Fiji interim administration's charter receives thumbs down in text poll

10:59 am on 15 April 2008

The Fiji interim administration's charter for the way forward, being developed, has been voted against by the majority people in a three-day 'text poll' conducted by the Fiji Times.

Of those who voted, 46.2 of those who voted agreed the charter was not good for Fiji.

Those supporting the charter were close behind representing 45.8 percent; 7.9 percent of the responses were unclear.

Those against it, amongst other things, the interim regime's lack of legality as a barrier to honest expression of feelings.

Those for the charter appear to believe it will decrease food costs and crime and bring peace to Fiji.

The interim government on Monday accused the paper of making money from their votes adding it marked "a new low from the media in Fiji.

The newspaper said it had spent over 6 thousand US dollars in advertising in both print and broadcast mediums.

It made 274 US dollars from the poll.

The poll was only for prepaid users.

The newspaper plans to conduct another when post-paid customers can participate.