17 Apr 2008

US ambassador urges Fiji to return to "rule of law' principles

10:07 am on 17 April 2008

The outgoing US ambassador to Fiji, Larry Dinger, has criticised the interim government's actions against prominent foreign investors, including Fiji Water, which he says have hightened concerns about a level playing field for commerce.

Speaking at the Fiji-US Chamber of Commerce annual meeting yesterday, Mr Dinger said potential investors have become reluctant to put their money into Fiji, "where, he said, "rule by decree does not include normal constitutional checks and balances and thus endangers 'rule of law' principles".

The ambasasador told his audience "In today's gloablised world, investors have options, and they want a solid predictable 'rule of law' environment"

He urged them to encourage a return to normal governance, via free and fair elections, as soon as possible.