18 Apr 2008

American Samoa activist looks for progress on teacher pay

10:06 am on 18 April 2008

The President of Common Cause American Samoa Ben Te'o is welcoming the news that the teacher salary reclassification will be on the agenda of a special Fono session being called by the Governor.

Teo, a teacher at Tafuna High School has been urging action on teacher salary increases before the end of the 2008 legislative year and the 2009 school year begins.

He indicated the possibility of a teacher's strike if no action is taken to upgrade teacher's pay.

Te'o who led a small demonstration last year to fight for pay increases for teachers has vowed that in the summer he will organize an American Samoa Teachers Association and union.

He said, Common Cause will explore and look at various actions including a teacher's strike in the new school year, if their concerns are not addressed