17 Apr 2008

Diplomats in Fiji ask for explanation on call for forum on electoral changes

7:55 pm on 17 April 2008

Diplomats in Fiji want a meeting with the country's interim foreign affairs ministry after a call for a public forum to discuss electoral changes.

The interim regime's National Council of Building A Better Fiji has made a request for such a forum.

Our Suva correspondent, Matelita Ragogo says the diplomats asked for a meeting after receiving the Council's communique calling for a forum, but failing to get any elaboration from the Foreign Affairs official present.

"It turned out to be a really disappointing exercise because for most of the questions they were asking he was not privy to such information, or he couldn't really explain that. The diplomatic corps here have asked the interim administration to convene another meeting with an official who can answer their questions. They really need to known how things are going."

Matelita Ragogo