18 Apr 2008

Vanuatu catches another prison escapee

3:28 pm on 18 April 2008

Vanuatu police have recaptured another prison escapee in Port Vila although a rape suspect who escaped detention with him remains at large.

The prisoner, Bill David, slipped out from under the noses of police officers on Monday for a second time this month before being recaptured late on Wednesday.

David is identified by police as an instigator in recent violent assaults at Freshwota.

He's the latest in a wave of escapees from prison or police detention linked to the recent rise in crime in the capital.

The Deputy Police Commissioner, Major Arthur Caulton, says there are now no prisoners at large.

"But there was one other person who escaped with Bill David during that night and he's still at large. He's a suspect in a police investigation regarding a rape of an Australian citizen at Bellevue area, that was about two weeks ago. That was our major suspect in that case."

Major Arthur Caulton