23 Apr 2008

Chairman of lobby group in Samoa confident court may overturn law

8:16 am on 23 April 2008

The chairman of the Samoan lobby group People Against Switching Sides, PASS, remains confident the courts may overturn the law which determined a change to driving on the left side of the road.

Parliament passed the bill despite the biggest rally in the capital, Apia, in years in support of the campaign by PASS.

The PASS chairman, Toleafoa Solomona To'ailoa, says a legal challenge filed last year is still to be ruled on.

"Well if at the end of the day the court comes down and says look this policy and this law is unconstitutional it is being passed in violation of of people's rights then effectively the law is nothing it'll be thrown out."

The challenge is coming up for mention on the 28th of this month and then the hearing on the strike out motion by the Attorney General should be completed within the next month.