23 Apr 2008

Nauru president hopes snap poll breaks parliamentary deadlock

1:31 pm on 23 April 2008

The President of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, says he hopes the snap election he called for this Saturday will produce a clear mandate for the incoming government.

He says he had no choice but to declare a state of emergency last Friday and call the election because his Government had exhausted all other options in trying to end a lengthy deadlock in the Parliament.

Nauru held elections at the end of August - that Government was toppled in a vote of no confidence in December, but Mr Stephen's administration has been stalled in recent weeks with Parliament evenly split.

He says the public have welcomed the chance for another poll.

"Funnily enough, it is very very positive. The people themselves have, after one month of having the stalemate and all the problems in Parliament, the people are really looking forward to the election. They sort of demanded saying, well if Parliament can't sort it out, [then] let the people decide."

Marcus Stephen