24 Apr 2008

Guam boosts budget as US military build-up looms

1:38 pm on 24 April 2008

The government of Guam is proposing a budget increase for the new fiscal year to accommodate the US military build-up in the territory.

The military's plans include the construction of a base for 8,000 U.S. Marines and about 9,000 of their dependents who are expected to relocate from Okinawa in Japan.

It will also involve expansions to the Navy and Air Force bases and an army ballistic missile defense task force.

The military buildup's estimated cost of 15 billion US dollars includes 10.2 billion for relocating the marines to Guam and will involve massive construction that could start in about two years.

As many as 20,000 additional construction workers might be brought to the island, prompting military planners to consider Olympic-village-type housing for them.