24 Apr 2008

Fiji police to improve training after two officers murdered suspect

1:59 pm on 24 April 2008

The Fiji Police say they will offer further training to police staff after two officers were convicted for murdering Tevita Malasebe after suspecting him of being a criminal.

The police had taken the 30-year old from his home in June last year and his mother found him dead at a Suva hospital after he suffered internal injuries.

The high court gave life sentences to two officers for murdering him, while another Sergeant, Pita Matai, received a two-year prison sentence for concealing the actions of his men.

A police spokesperson, Ema Mua, says they need to restore the public's confidence in the force.

"There's a real need now for officers to know how to deal with that sort, because no one is guilty unless proven by the courts. So yes, we are looking at introducing further training, further courses for officers when it comes to dealing with situations like this."

Ema Mua