28 Apr 2008

Report to be tabled of torture in Indonesia's restive areas

1:46 pm on 28 April 2008

Non-governmental organisations and churches in Indonesia have released a report detailing what they say are thousands of cases of torture and abuse in Aceh, Papua and East Timor, while it was under Indonesian rule.

The Practice of Torture in Aceh and Papua covers a period of more than ten years.

The external relations director of the groups behind the report, Poengky Indarty, says the government still uses torture as an effective and systematic method to get confessions from suspects.

Indonesia signed the Convention Against Torture in 1998 and first submitted its rights reports review in 2001.

But Poengky Indarty says the convention is not part of the legal system in Indonesia.

The report will be submitted to the Geneva-based Committee Against Torture before it holds its second review of human rights progress in Indonesia.