28 Apr 2008

PNG teenager gets 50-year jail sentence for murder

1:44 pm on 28 April 2008

A Papua New Guinea teenager who murdered an Australian man Russell Green has been sentenced to 50 years in jail.

The 50-year-old businessman was repeatedly stabbed while trying to ward off intruders who entered his home in Lae in November 2005.

Sentencing 19-year-old Carl Beni to 50 years in jail with hard labour, Lae National Court judge Nicholas Kirriwom said his show of remorse for the murder was too little, too late.

The judge, who last week dismissed charges against another man allegedly involved in the murder, said robbery was a likely motive for the killing.

However, the newspaper, The National, says the only item missing from Mr Green's house was his security gate's remote control, which was most likely used to enter his compound.