1 May 2008

Nauru Government eyes constitutional changes to bring political stability

7:45 pm on 1 May 2008

The Nauru government of Marcus Stephen, re-elected last weekend with an effective majority of five votes, wants to quickly institute changes to make political instability less likely.

President Stephen called a snap election for last Saturday after weeks of political deadlock.

Vice President, Dr Kieren Keke, says a priority will be to try and institute the findings of last year's review of the constitution, such as the direct election of the President and the Speaker.

Dr Keke says the Government hopes to have legislation ready within a month to allow for three months of Parliamentary debate.

"That will also allow further public consultation and further garnering of public opinion about the bill. There are two bills - one is those amendments which Parliament may approve on its own, and then the separate bill is for those amendments that require a subsequent referendum, public referendum."