2 May 2008

American Samoa fono could close tomorrow

1:42 pm on 2 May 2008

Fono leaders in American Samoa plan to end the current session tomorrow if the Togiola Administration does not submit the rest of the measures on the agenda for the special session.

The military absentee voting bill and the confirmation of Tufele Li'amatua as a member of the LBJ Medical Center Authority board are the only two issues on the agenda already addressed by the Fono.

The military voting bill was already pending from last month when the special session was convened on Monday.

The Fono is yet to deal with a proposed teacher reclassification, copyright for the Festival of the Pacific Arts, and the appropriation measure for the hospital to address repayment for the Medicare program.

Senate President Lolo M. Moliga says one of the measures still to be submitted is 50 pages long and the Fono legal team will need time to thoroughly review any legislation before it is officially introduced in both chambers.