3 May 2008

PNG's govt warns of dangers in substandard pharmaceuticals being sold

9:50 am on 3 May 2008

The Papua New Guinea government has warned locals their lives are in danger due to the increasing amounts of counterfeit and substandard pharmaceuticals being sold in the country.

The Minister for Commerce and Industry, Gabriel Kapris, said fake medicines were being sold across the country.

Mr Kapris said the black-market sales were not only a danger to people's health but also hurts the PNG economy.

He said people are being exposed to consuming substandard or fake products including counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs which are being sold in the country.

Mr Kapris said the government is moving to work with relevant stakeholders to strengthen intellectual property systems for economic, social and cultural development.

Earlier this year, it was revealed local PNG chemists were selling imported anti-venom that did not work for the type of snakes in PNG.