5 May 2008

Australian based Cook Islander runs petition against involvement with Chinese governmentt

11:01 am on 5 May 2008

An Australian based Cook Islander is circulating an email petition, urging the Government to cease its involvement with the Chinese Government.

The Cook Islands government recently signed an agreement to recieve a US$10.2 million loan from China, which will be used to assist the country with the hosting of the 2009 Pacific Mini Games.

Eileen McBride says she was concerned about China's involvement in the Cook Islands, after it built the country's courthouse and police headquarters.

"We're more than capable to do things on our own but we keep looking for handouts. My main concern is the Cook Islands government is worrying about building a stadium but there are larger issues that we need to be worrying about. Our schools are in terrible condition, our hospital is in not very good condition, and Cook Islanders, more and more are leaving every year."

Eileen McBride says she has received around a hundred signatures so far, and petitions will be put in local shops soon.