7 May 2008

Japan Airlines has not totally abandoned CNMI

10:30 am on 7 May 2008

While Japan Airlines has canceled its regular air service to the Commonwealth of the Marianas Islands since October 2005, the carrier has not totally abandoned the destination.

The Saipan tribune reports there have been three recent charter flights from Haneda, Japan.

JAL public relations manager Stephen Pearlman says the 3 charter flights are the first for the fiscal year and more are being considered.

He says in the 2007 financial year, JAL operated a total of 19 roundtrip charter flights from Japan to Saipan.

And he says the airline will operate three roundtrip flights to Saipan during the Japanese Golden Week holidays.

The three JAL charter flights from Haneda, along with the seven scheduled by Continental Airlines brought in 2,201 additional airlines seats to the Commonwealth during the April 25 to May 5 high-peak travel period for Japanese travelers.