9 May 2008

PNG East Highlands Governor worried by ngo spending

10:18 am on 9 May 2008

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands Province, Malcolm Kela Smith, says if international consultants and NGOs do not deliver they will be asked to leave the province.

Mr Kela Smith says many of organisations that come into Eastern Highlands achieve little yet soak up much of the aid money.

He says, for instance, there are millions of dollars offered by donors to combat HIV/AIDS but the money being spent by NGOs and the consultants achieves little.

Mr Kela Smith says, in future, the work of these agencies will be controlled.


IN:......We are now going to have any NGO group that comes in, comes into my province and wants to spend money on HIV/AIDS - they will be told where they are going to go and spend it in that area and then we will send a team out to assess the value of that particular operation. We won't let them wander around like headless chooks just digging places to do it as they are doing it now.