9 May 2008

American Samoa School Lunch Programme opened to off-island bids

10:20 am on 9 May 2008

American Samoa business operators are upset at a decision by Sodexho, the company taking over the School Lunch Programme to allow off island companies to participate in bidding for the supply of school lunch items.

In the past only local companies have competed for the supply of the federally funded program, but Sodexho has indicated it will open the bidding to non American Samoa companies.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, David Robinson, says it will be very hard for local companies to compete with mainland firms.


IN:......Anybody really can quote, particularly for things like fresh milk, one hundred percent fruit juice and those sorts of things. So I would to talk a bit more about that with the Office of Procurement and just clarify those points, as well too, to make sure than any of our local people are not disadvantaged in putting together the tender.OUT:...