9 May 2008

Temaru defies French high commission amid threat of no confidence motion

1:35 pm on 9 May 2008

The president of the French Polynesian assembly, Oscar Temaru, has defied a call by the French high commissioner to convene the assembly without delay amid reports of a possible no confidence motion in the Gaston Tong Sang government.

Mr Temaru and the opposition assembly members are determined not to return before May the 22nd while the government assembly members have said they will meet in a separate public building tomorrow for what they consider an assembly sitting.

The high commissioner, Anne Boquet, has appealed to the politicians' reason and invited Mr Temaru to bring the meeting forward.

She says Mr Temaru needed to consult assembly leaders earlier this week before setting a meeting date and she has also advised the government members that they cannot proceed with plans to elect an additional assembly president.

An opposition assembly member, Tea Hirshon, says the high commissioner's call has been dismissed.

"So we should not meet before the 22nd unless we will meet for a motion of no confidence which could happen next week."

Tea Hirshon.

The current government came to power last month after two assembly members switched sides to give the To Tatou Aia coalition the minimum numbers needed to pass a no-confidene motion.