9 May 2008

US Micronesian lawmakers push need for plan to combat climate change

2:00 pm on 9 May 2008

US affiliated-Pacific island lawmakers have ended their three-day general assembly on Guam with a plan to further discuss global warming when they meet again in November.

The Association of Pacific Island Legislatures' 27th general assembly addressed a wide range of issues that affect islands in the region.

The Association passed more than a dozen resolutions to address issues like human trafficking and the need to train residents across Micronesia in skills required for the US military build-up on Guam.

Guam senator Jimmy Espaldon says the subject of climate change demands more discussion than they had time for this week.

But he says the Marshall Islands, which is hosting the November meeting, wants global warming at the forefront of the Association's focus.

"They're definitely impacted by climate change. They've reported to us that a lot of their residents are already relocating to other places in the world because of the fear of climate change and they're seeing some of their atolls and some of their islands starting to lose grounds."

Senator Jimmy Espaldon