9 May 2008

Fiji's PCPI says rule of law under pressure

4:15 pm on 9 May 2008

Fiji's Pacific Centre for Public Integrity says the rule of law in the country is under huge pressure.

Yesterday, Fiji's Solicitor General applied for the court action involving deported Fiji Times publisher, Evan Hannah, to be thrown out, on the basis that the court order to stop the expulsion has lapsed.

The executive director of PCPI, Angie Heffernan, says the argument demonstrates the lack of respect the interim government has for the rule of law.

"The interim government went to extraordinary lengths to try and avoid the court order being served on the immigration officials. The nuts and bolts of the case will be dealt with, but in our view this signifies that the interim government has absolutely no respect for the court order, or for the courts in general."

Angie Heffernan