14 May 2008

Koniambo Nickel in New Caledonia is surprised by blockade

8:46 am on 14 May 2008

Koniambo Nickel says it's surprised by a blockade on its mine site.

The Koniambo nickel site in the north of New Caledonia has again been blocked by local truck drivers who are upset about not getting contracts.

In April, a first blockade had been organised over the same issue.

Koniambo says most of the demands of the protestors have been met, after the first blockade on April 14th.

It also says that it has received another list of new demands but those only relate to customs problems in the region.

The company is calling on the strikers to stop their action, because it says more than 400 people are deprived of their right to work.