20 May 2008

PNG Newspaper editor says death threats made against one of his reporters

9:04 am on 20 May 2008

The editor of Papua New Guinea's Post-Courier newspaper, Blaise Nangoi, says death threats have been made against a Papua New Guinea journalist reporting on a scandal involving the theft of 30 million US dollars in aid money from Taiwan.

He says the reporter has been moved to a safe place.

Mr Nangoi has blamed supporters of the PNG government for the threats.

Taiwan is investigating the disappearance of the money, which it says was earmarked for PNG as a reward for Port Moresby establishing diplomatic ties with Taipei.

The affair threatens to undermine PNG's long-standing relations with China, which claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory.

Three PNG figures - including a government minister - have admitted meeting with Taiwanese officials in 2006, but insist trade and other issues - not diplomatic alliances - were discussed.