27 May 2008

Concern in Niue about lack of contest in June polls

1:32 pm on 27 May 2008

While Niue goes to the polls the weekend after next there are concerns that the results in nine of the 20 seats are already known.

These candidates, who include the caretaker Premier Young Vivian and his three-member cabinet, have all been returned uncontested in their village seats.

But one long serving MP, O'Love Jacobsen, says it is an important element of democracy that the successful candidate should face a challenge and receive a formal endorsement from voters.

"If the principle of democracy is going to be upheld, then it is very important that people do need to go to the polls and not have them unopposed and become duly elected."

O'Love Jacobsen says she feels the Premier had a significant impact on the large number returned unopposed when he with a plea through the local media for the status quo to be maintained in the interests of stability.