28 May 2008

Fiji's PSC says Heffernan best applicant to replace Karavaki

2:41 pm on 28 May 2008

The chair of Fiji's Public Service Commission Rishi Ram says a New Zealand lawyer, Felicity Heffernan, has been the fittest applicant to fill the position of elections supervisor.

The position was made vacant after the interim regime removed Semesa Karavaki who protested against the 2006 military coup.

His chosen replacement was a New Zealand lawyer, Maurice Coughlan, but he was found to have been debarred as a lawyer in New Zealand.

Mr Ram says the New Zealand Department of Conservation's compliance lawyer Felicity Heffernan has now been chosen as she has the qualifications and experience.

"She has got masters in law and she has also got a post graduate qualification in international law. That plus her experience both as a lawyer and also in managing financial and human resources and the fact that she came out very well in the interview. We saw that she had a lot of enthusiasm and the drive."

Rishi Ram says Ms Heffernan is due to take her new position in four to six weeks.