3 Jun 2008

Fiji's interim Labour minister not really worried about Fiji's productivity performance

11:03 am on 3 June 2008

Fiji's interim Labour minister, Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, says he is not really worried about Fiji's productivity performance that has been rated at a low one per cent.

He told Fiji Live online that Fiji has been known to bounce back from a worst case scenario "to accomplish achievements that even its worst critics predicted were not possible".

While he acknowledged that there was a decline in Fiji's economic growth Mr Vayeshnoi pointed out this was also being felt globally due to the crisis especially of oil and havoc created by the weather.

Launching the productivity awareness campaign yesterday at the Tradewinds Convention Centre in Lami, Mr Vayeshnoi said that everyone can make small but tangible improvements in the things that they do "and ultimately have an impact on Fiji's economic growth".

Fiji Live reports him saying Reserve Bank of Fiji figures that show that Fiji's economy contracted by at least 3.9 per cent in 2007 and remittances fell by 30 per cent.

He also highlighted that inflation this year stood at a staggering 7.6 per cent in April.