3 Jun 2008

Call for Niue parliament to set up overseas seat

1:36 pm on 3 June 2008

There are calls for the next Niue parliament to consider establishing an overseas seat.

The island goes to elections this weekend though nine of the 20 seats have already been decided because no one opposed the incumbents.

There have been calls for a drastic cutback in the number of seats to better reflect the declining population, while the expatriate community, as a way of maintaining links with the culture, has long sought a say in the island's political life.

A Niue community leader in Auckland, Granby Ray Siakimotu, says they want some sort of voice in the Fale Fono.

"If there was a facility where those voices could be heard because the case is still the same, we will continue to be Niueans, and there are very deep seated Niueans abroad. For those people I would certainly continue and look at ways of getting those voices heard."

Granby Ray Siakimotu