3 Jun 2008

American Samoa hospital care policy change queried

3:00 pm on 3 June 2008

Questions are being asked about whether American Samoa's hospital will be able to properly look after its patients after banning surplus caregivers.

New rules introduced at the LBJ this week mean only one or two caregivers can stay after visiting hours.

The regulations were introduced to cut down on noise and disruption for other patients and to try to prevent new infection being brought into the wards.

But as our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, explains, some families are worried staff are too stretched to provide proper care:

"Especially if something is wrong and having the caregiver there at all times to at least alert doctors or nurses on duty, those are some of the things, the concerns that have been brought out."

Monica Miller says there are suspicions the system will be enforced for a short while before the status quo returns.