3 Jun 2008

Ousted Fiji PM restates reservations about regime's charter process

9:05 pm on 3 June 2008

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says his party won't be joining the People's Charter process any time soon.

The country's interim Prime Minister has called on people come on board with the controversial charter, or there won't be elections.

He has also threatened to keep the SDL out of the elections, which are meant to be held in March next year.

But Laisenia Qarase says getting rid of the constitution would plunge the country into a much more serious situation.

He says he has started a dialogue with the Commodore.

"That's basically the objective behind the dialogue discussion that we have, at least that is from our side. To find a way of finding common grounds on the charter. I mean, the charter could be a good thing if it is confined to certain principles, that would be there for future governments to follow, but to say that it will be binding for all future elected governments that will be an interference in the democratic process."

Meanwhile, the Rewa Provincial Council in Fiji has dismissed presseure by the interim regime and says it will not change its stance on the proposed People's Charter.

Rewa chief Ro Filipe made the comment to Radio Fiji after the interim Prime Minister warned that would sack provincial council members who opposed the charter and the GCC task team report.

Commodore Bainimarama said Ro Filipe would be the first one to go.

However, the Rewa chief says the province's position on the two issues was well researched and discussed before a decision was taken.