4 Jun 2008

Pacific Arts Festival in American Samoa still needs thousands of dollars

9:16 am on 4 June 2008

The Pacific Arts Festival executive director says they still need about 800,000 US dollars to host the event despite several new donations.

This year's festival will take place in American Samoa from July 20 until August 2nd and 24 nations have confirmed their attendance.

The festival's budget is just over 4 million US dollars, with the American Samoan government providing 2 and a half million US dollars, while individuals and businesses have also made contributions.

But Simona Lauti says they have to raise more money.

"We're still running short but less than a million dollars. We have a lot of donations that have been contributed locally that has reduced the million dollars down to less than a million. I'm pretty sure it's about 800 000 or somewhere around there."

Simona Lauti says they have asked the American Samoan government for more funding.