4 Jun 2008

Board of CNMI's Ports Authority resign en masse

9:04 am on 4 June 2008

The board of the Commonwealth of the Marianas Islands ports Authority has resigned en masse amid financial problems that nearly caused the agency to default on its 20-million US dollar airport revenue bond.

The Saipan Tribune Governor Benigno Fitial asked the appointees to resign after he suspended the board and took over the ports authority.

Press secretary Charles Reyes Jr. said yesterday that all of the members had resigned, with the last one being chairman Rex Palacios.

He says the next step will be to come up with the list of new appointees, and submit it to the Senate for confirmation.

When the Legislature rejected the governor's takeover of CPA last week, it also called on Fitial to replace all of the members of the board.

The papers says it appears the governor had done this before the Legislature called for it.