5 Jun 2008

Samoa education budget boost to help teacher retention

6:27 pm on 5 June 2008

In Samoa, education and health have been given a windfall in next year's 300 million US dollar budget.

The health ministry is to get a 17 percent boost totalling 35 million US dollars.

Four million will be spent on overseas medical treatment while two million will be spent on the country's kidney dialysis unit.

The second biggest winner is education which gets 30 million dollars - an 11 percent increase.

The Education minister Tuo'mata Alapati says the money will be spent on upgrading current facilities, school stationary and covering the recent 42 percent rise in public servants salaries.

He hopes that such a salary hike may stem the brain drain of teachers going overseas.

"Our main problem is in our teachers. We have a lot of turnover and we are trying to give our teachers some incentive to stay on in the teaching profession. Right now we're losing many of our teachers to New Zealand and other countries probably Australia as well."

Samoa's education minister Tuo'mata Alapati.