6 Jun 2008

Little interest in American Samoa's Rainmaker Hotel

9:59 am on 6 June 2008

The American Samoa Development Corporation has received only three inquires from investors interested in developing the rest of the Rainmaker Hotel, but no offers.

The Development Bank of American Samoa, as a government entity, owns 80% of ASDC shares, and the rest are owned by minority shareholders.

Last December the corporation issued a prospectus seeking offers interested in the sale of the hotel and its improvements, and a long term lease for the hotel's 5.03 acres of land.

The ASDC wants to lease the property at a minimum lease rate of $25,000 and 2.5% of gross revenues per month up to year 2050 on an "as is" basis.

The investors can utilize the property for hotel or any other suitable commercial purpose with prior concurrence from ASDC, the notice says.

ASDC board vice chair and DBAS president Utu Abe Malae said inquiries were made from investors from Australia, Hawaii and the mainland US.

Last year locally owned Niu Technology entered into a 44-year sublease agreement with ASDC, however Niu Technology is in default of its lease payment.