6 Jun 2008

Fiji tourism operators urged to grow own produce

3:16 pm on 6 June 2008

A Fiji hotelier is urging other tourism operators to look at ways to grow their own produce, in order to ease the impact of rising prices.

Taunovo Bay Resort & Spa Fiji outside Suva plans to convert some land, with the goal of growing all the produce served in the resort.

Mitch Hagerman says it's not just an issue of money, although the increasing cost of fuel makes the cost of food rise.

"We greatly value the local job creation, that will be created by looking to grow our own produce. And we have a very high standard of quality we expect. And we belive to a certain extent we can grow higher quality, fresher food, free of pesticides, organically for our owners and guests, on our own estate."

Mitch Hagerman says the resort is researching at the moment, and expects to start planting within the next 6 months.