9 Jun 2008

Fiji's main political party says loss of international policing agency, no surprise

3:28 pm on 9 June 2008

Fiji's SDL Party says the Pacific Transnational Crime Co-ordination Centre's departure from the country due to political instability, is justified.

The SDL is the party led by the deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

After being based in Fiji for several years the Centre has relocated to Samoa.

The Centre co-ordinates the efforts of Pacific Island nations to fight crimes such as money laundering and human trafficking, and to help with customs and drugs law enforcement.

The SDL's National Director, Peceli Kinivuwai, says it's sad, but the move comes as no surprise.

"I think the member countries who make up the Transnational Crime Centre they also very much champion the rule of law and it would be ironic if they have that Centre here while at the same time we cannot solve our political differences - we still have political instabilities and economic decline."

SDL's National Director Peceli Kinivuwai