13 Jun 2008

American Samoa Governor says government departments must not waste fuel

10:55 am on 13 June 2008

American Samoa Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has told a cabinet meeting to tighten up on vehicle use as a way of coping with the skyrocketing cost of petrol.

Unleaded petrol is now more than $4.30 a gallon in the territory.

According to two cabinet members, the Governor warned that departments have to be frugal with the use of their fuel coupons because there will be no increase in the amounts they receive.

He said there would be no special consideration for departments that have gas guzzling sport utility vehicles.

The governor also announced that he will not approve the purchase of any vehicles that have an energy rating of below 30 miles per gallon.

He said that the government is getting two hybrid vehicles to try out on an experimental basis