13 Jun 2008

Family banned from Samoa village after estranged husband allegedly kills wife's new partner

7:29 pm on 13 June 2008

A mother and her five children have been banished from the Samoa village of Elise-fou after her estranged husband allegedly stabbed the woman's partner..

The Samoa Observer reports that the woman and her children left the village two days ago.

The night before, her husband, a former police officer, allegedly stabbed to death another man outside the woman's house.

At the time of the incident, the husband was no longer living in the village.

He had been banished for burning down a neighbour's house.

A matai of Elise-fou told the newspaper the village council had banned the husband from ever setting foot in the village again.

He had been warned that if he was found in the village again, his wife and children will be banished from the village forever.