17 Jun 2008

Diabetes affects a fifth of Fiji islanders

3:22 pm on 17 June 2008

The Fiji College of General Practitioners says one in five people in the country suffers from diabetes.

Type two diabetes is caused by a genetic predisposition as well as too much fatty and sweet food, next to not enough exercise.

It can lead to many problems, including blindness or circulation problems and poor healing wounds, which may lead to limb amputations.

The College's president, Dr Abdul Wahid Khan, says while diabetes is widespread among Indo-Fijians, more and more indigenous Fijians are now being diagnosed with the illness.

"The native Fijians are coming in much worse conditions and according to the data, the amputations of legs and toes are much more common among the native population than amongst the Indian population."

Dr Abdul Wahid Khan says people should get regular check ups with their GP, change their diets and exercise more often.