21 Jun 2008

Telecommunication workers in Solomons continue industrial action

7:43 am on 21 June 2008

A strike by local telecommunication workers in Solomon Islands is continuing and is affecting banks, the airline and some private phone lines.

Employees of Telekom went on strike on Tuesday.

They have been pushing for the removal of the company's general manager, Martin Robinson, saying he had been discriminatory and biased in some of his decisions.

Our correspondent, Dorothy Wickham, reports.

"Negotiations between Telekom and the board is still continuing. They are waiting for some of the board members to be in Honiara together to make a decision on the demands made by the employees. One of the biggest difficulties for the company now is there's been a lot of faults, and also there's been reports of some of the striking employees sabotaging some of the phone lines. However, that hasn't been confirmed and the matter has been forwarded to police and police are already investigating that issue."

Dorothy Wickham.

Meanwhile, the local directors of Solomon Telekom met in Honiara yesterday to discuss the demands by striking workers.

The directors representing the Solomon Islands government and the National Provident Fund have reportedly agreed to remove the current Chief Executive Officer, Martyn Robinson.