23 Jun 2008

Further indications of delay for elections in Fiji

11:06 am on 23 June 2008

There are a number of indications in Fiji that it may be difficult to have the next elections in March 2009.

The date for the political forum to discuss the changes to Fiji's electoral system is yet to be confirmed and there is still no indication on whether all the key stakeholders including political parties will attend the forum.

The Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, told the visiting EU delegation last week that the next elections will be held after the electoral reforms are put in place.

He also said that the elections will be delayed if all the stakeholders do not participate in the forum.

Fiji Village newsite says the Boundaries Commission is trying to finish its work by the end of this year.

Following this process, the voter registration and education process needs to be conducted.

This is expected to take a large part of next year which means that having elections by March 2009 is almost impossible.