23 Jun 2008

Right wing party in New Caledonia loses Congress members

10:57 am on 23 June 2008

Congress members in New Caledonia who are aligned to France's right-wing National Front, have resigned from the party following a deepening rift within its ranks.

The National Front has had four members in the legislature in Noumea, making New Caledonia the only French overseas territory to have elected members from the ranks of Jean-Marie Le Pen's party.

The latest resignations come after the veteran leader of the New

Caledonian party, Guy George, quit the movement last week following prolonged infighting over the party's political line.

In an open letter published by Noumea's daily newspaper, he said he would now work for a French Caledonia.

Mr George says he will try to rally loyalists to to show that the

territory wishes to remain with France permanently.

The National Front now has only a municipal councillor left still representing the the party in New Caledonia