24 Jun 2008

New Zealand launches new aid strategy

1:49 pm on 24 June 2008

The New Zealand Government's new Pacific Strategy for aid assistance places clear expectations on countries in the region to do the work necessary to help lift their people out of poverty.

In launching the strategy, the foreign minister, Winston Peters, used the Polynesian proverb to reach its destination the canoe must be paddled on both sides.

Don Wiseman reports.

"Mr Peters says the strategy acknowledges New Zealand's place as a nation of the Pacific, and a corresponding commitment to help its neighbours enjoy a more prosperous future."

He says New Zealand expects the countries receiving aid to encourage policies and practices which foster growth and better standards of living.

Mr Peters says it also means preventing corruption, poor governance and conflict, which erode development gains.

He says there are a range of challenges in the Pacific and New Zealand needs a coherent and disciplined strategy for dispersing its development aid.