24 Jun 2008

Tokelau leader to ask UN for more help with alternative energy

7:42 pm on 24 June 2008

Tokelau's leader is to ask the United Nations Development Programme for more help with alternative energy and over health issues during his trip to New York.

Ulu, Pio Tuia, has been at the UN to speak to the Committee on Decolonisation about Tokelau's status with regards to securing greater self-determination.

Pio Tuia says Tokelau wants to reduce its dependence on expensive imported fuels:

"We rely very much on solar, the situation in Tokelau is that we always have the sunlight right throughout the year and also we are looking at the possibility of biofuel out of coconuts."

Pio Tuia also plans to highlight Tokelau's vulnerability to climate change and request help to complete sea walls to protect the three low lying atolls.