25 Jun 2008

Marshalls internet still affected after cyber attack

3:09 pm on 25 June 2008

The general manager of the Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority, the NTA, says it may be a few days yet before its email system is back to normal.

An unprecedented cyber attack on the monopoly Internet provider this week caused a complete shutdown of email traffic to the country.

A local information technology expert said someone person unleashed infected computers to flood the NTA with mail leading to the shutdown of the system.

The NTA's general manager, Tony Muller, says technicians are still working on the problem.

"We were able to, sort of, bring it back to normal, we are seeing that out traffic is back to normal, when four times it was before, and they are still working on it."

Tony Muller says in the meantime, they have built two-back up servers to avoid this problem again.