25 Jun 2008

Fiji council calls for new electoral system but at loss how it can be introduced

3:05 pm on 25 June 2008

The National Council For Building a Better Fiji says it is not responsible for figuring out how to change the electoral system

The Council says the current electoral system is too complex and will hinder free elections.

It says it should be scrapped, in favour of a system of proportional representation.

But that would require amending the constitution, something the interim regime said it wouldn't do.

A member of the council, Josefa Serulagilagi, says its recommendations will go again to the people for discussion before anything happens.

"We are not here to see how best we can change the constitution, because as you know the constitution has rules, in order for anything to be changed, so we are just here to put up our recommendations to go to the President, that will be the Government, what do they want to do with it."

Josefa Serulagilagi