26 Jun 2008

Fiji academic calls for consultation over voting proposals

9:30 am on 26 June 2008

A Fiji academic says the National Council for Building a Better Fiji is passing the buck over how to go about changing the electoral system.

The council, which was established by the interim regime, recommended the current electoral system be scrapped in favour of a system of proportional representation.

But to do that would require changing the constitution, which the interim administration has implied it will do by abrogating it.

Brij Lal, one of the architects of the constituiton, says it is absolutely vital to have a genuine dialogue, rather than using a confrontational approach.

"And in a sense really abnegating responsibility. I think this body has been set up by the interim administration and of course is chaired by Commodore Frank Bainimarama, you know it is a creature of the interim administration and therefore it must take responsibility for the recommendations it makes."

Brij Lal