26 Jun 2008

Solomons opposition leader to move no-confidence motion

1:56 pm on 26 June 2008

The Solomon Islands opposition leader says a motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Derek Sikua that he intends to move next month in parliament is not necessarily aimed at toppling the government.

Manasseh Sogavare, who Dr Sikua replaced as Prime Minister following a similar motion last December, says the opposition's move is a bid to draw attention to some serious issues.

Mr Sogavare says the Sikua government has failed to deliver promised services and has not stopped an ongoing strike by Telecom workers.

He also believes the government is mishandling the ongoing post-ethnic tensions peace process.

However Mr Sogavare says the opposition is not concerned with the number of MPs supporting his motion.

"It's not only about pulling a government down. In fact, that is the only effective way of getting serious issues dicussed seriously on the floor of parliament, and for the government to seriously take note of it. The other way of doing it is of course to move a motion to discuss a specific issue on the floor of parliament. Now my view is that they will not take serious note of it."

Manasseh Sogavare